Vol. 20 • n.2 • April-June 2013



A nosology for supernatural phenomena and the construction of the ‘possessed’ brain in the nineteenth century
Valéria Portugal Gonçalves, Francisco Ortega
text in english

Scientific approaches to the Mexican mestizo
Carlos López-Beltrán, Vivette García Deister
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Power and health in South America: international sanitary conferences, 1870-1889
Cleide de Lima Chaves 
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Medical teaching at the University of Coimbra in the sixteenth century
Isilda Teixeira Rodrigues, Carlos Fiolhais

Silva Coutinho: his career and his contributions to the geological collections of the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro
Marina Jardim e Silva, Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes, Vera Maria Medina da Fonseca

Teaching science: realism, anti-realism and the construction of the concept of oxygen
Marcos Rodrigues da Silva 

Pharmacology in the twentieth century: the science of drugs through the analysis of Goodman and Gilman’s textbook
Silvia Cardoso Bittencourt, Sandra Caponi, Sônia Maluf

Tuberculosis mortality in Argentina during the twentieth century
María Belén Herrero, Adrián Carbonetti

Experts in ‘dying well’: causa mortis, rituals, and hierarchies at a monastery in colonial Rio de Janeiro
Jorge Victor de Araújo Souza

Mental health policies in Santa Catarina in the 1970s: the vanguard of Brazilian psychiatry?
Daniela Ribeiro Schneider, Cristiane Budde, Karla Castillo Flores, Rafael Pereira, Eliane Regina Ternes Torres 

From the Casa de Orates to the courtroom: psychiatric expertise and legal assessment of madness in Santiago de Chile around 1860
María José Correa Gómez

Plants and their use by the people of Northern Cameroon: selection and use in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Jean Gormo, Bienvenu Denis Nizesete

The academic dossier of Maria de Lourdes Almeida: history and nursing in post-1930s Brazil
Paulo Fernando de Souza Campos

The use of coca leaves in traditional communities: perspectives in health, society, and culture
Ivan Farias Barreto

In pursuit of a healthy fetus: ideas, signs, and things in the reconstruction of the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis
Vera Lucia Marques da Silva, Kenneth Rochel Camargo Júnior

Science fiction and the Brave New World: predictions fulfilled in our century and bioethical considerations
Ana Carolina Clemente dos Santos, Thomaz Pereira de Amorim Neto, Andréa Carla de Souza Góes

History of genetics in Brazil: a view from the Museu da Genética at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Vanderlei Sebastião de Souza, Rodrigo Ciconet Dornelles, Carlos E. A. Coimbra Júnior, Ricardo Ventura Santos
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Recent trends in scholarship on the history of nursing in Brazil
Maria Itayra Padilha, Aline Coelho Ferreira, Isabel Cristina Alves Maliska, Mariana Vieira Villarinho, Gabriela Venier Zytkuewisz, Camilla Sell
text in english

Health in adversity: a summary of the history of healthcare in Brazil
review by Marcos Cueto on Na corda bamba de sombrinha: a saúde no fio da história, by Carlos Fidelis Ponte, Ialê Falleiros (Org.) and Cantos, contos e imagens: puxando mais uns fios nessa história, by José Roberto Franco Rei, Muza Clara Chaves Velasques
text in spanish

Health and history according to Luiz Antonio de Castro Santos and Lina Faria
review by Silvana Maria Pereira, Joana Maria Pedro on Saúde e história, by Luiz Antonio de Castro Santos, Lina Rodrigues de Faria
text in portuguese

The mobilization of U.S. women during the First World War: struggles for a greater scope of action as an expansion of civil rights
review by Luciana Rosar Fornazari Klanovicz on Mobilizing Minerva: American women in the First World War, by Kimberly Jensen
text in portuguese

Fordlândia, dream and reality: the history of a city and its creator
review by Daniela de Oliveira on Fordlândia: ascensão e queda da cidade esquecida de Henry Ford na selva, by Greg Grandin
text in portuguese

The conquest of physical and intellectual ‘space(s)’ for a new disciplinary area
in Argentina
review by Elisabete Pereira on El sendero del tiempo y de las causas accidentales: los espacios de la prehistoria en la Argentina, 1850-1910, by Irina Podgorny
text in portuguese

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