Vol. 19 • n.1 • Jan.-Mar. 2012



The weight of pathological: bio-politics and bare life
Cristiane Marques Seixas, Joel Birman
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The objectives of the U.S. Exploring Expedition’s circumnavigation (1838-1842): longitude, nautical charting and the establishment of modern geographic coordinates*
Mary Anne Junqueira
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Stem cell research: a case study on the dynamics of one segment of a scientific field
Naara Luna

From miasmas to mosquitoes: medical thought on yellow fever in Yucatan, 1890-1920
Carlos Alcalá Ferráez

Counting to cure: statistics and the medical community in Argentina, 1880-1940
Claudia Daniel

Colombian initiatives in the Social Appropriation of Science and Technology: tendencies and challenges for a broader understanding of these dynamics
Tania Pérez-Bustos, Manuel Franco Avellaneda, Marcela Lozano Borda, Sigrid Falla, Diana Papagayo
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The formation of the field of psychiatry: two opposing perspectives
Jairo Roberto de Almeida Gama

Eating education and the making of strong, robust, productive workers: an analysis of scientific scholarship on nutrition in Brazil, 1934-1941
José Arimatea Barros Bezerra

On the autonomy of the mouth: curricular practices, professional identity, and the emergence of dental teaching in Brazil
Cristine Maria Warmling, Norma Regina Marzola, Carlos Botazzo

“Is a shot alone enough?”: concepts of health, hygiene, and nutrition and the Program to Eradicate Yaws in Brazil, 1956-1961
Érico Silva Muniz

Family health through the lens of mental hygiene
Renata Heller de Moura; Maria Lucia Boarini

“Pregnant belly showing”: the vicissitudes and valorization of the reproductive body in the construction of images of pregnancy
Eliane Portes Vargas

The utopian Darcy Ribeiro archive
Luciana Quillet Heymann
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Photographs in archives: the production and meaning of visual records
Aline Lopes de Lacerda
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An archival approach: the documents of a biomedical sciences laboratory
Paulo Roberto Elian dos Santos
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A look through the Mexican Department of Health’s film archive
María Rosa Gudiño Cejudo

Reversal of crime: hostile norms, a cruel society, and subjective escape through violence
review by Marília Etienne Arreguy on A história de Pierina: subjetividade, crime e loucura, by Yonissa Marmitt Wadi
text in portuguese

Sanitation versus environment: engineering and politics at the end of the Empire and under the First Republic
review by Pedro Eduardo Mesquita de Monteiro Marinho on Meio ambiente, saneamento e engenharia no Império e na Primeira República, by Simone Fadel
text in portuguese

Theory, critical analysis, and the challenge of interdisciplinary thought at the crossroads of collective health, the environment, and geography
review by Lúcia Cony Faria Cidade on Território, ambiente e saúde, by Ary Carvalho de Miranda et al. (Org.)
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