Vol. 18 • n.3 • July-Sept. 2011



The roots of French vitalism: Bordeu and Barthez, between Paris and Montpellier
Silvia Waisse, Maria Thereza Cera Galvão do Amaral, Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb
text in english

The digital anatomical theater: scientific practices for representing the body
Marko Monteiro
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Disease and diet in the construction of otherness between the soldiers of the Brazilian Imperial Army during the War of the Farrapos
José Iran Ribeiro
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Oswaldo Cruz and the serology controversy
Jorge Augusto Carreta

Epidemics and medical conundrums: Uruguay, 1918-1919
Víctor Serrón

The Sateré-Mawé community of y’apyrehyt: ritual and health on the urban outskirts of Manaus
João Bosco Botelho, Valéria Augusta C.M. Weigel
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The healing arts and ways of life in the geographical realm of the cangaço
Iranilson Buriti de Oliveira

The scientism of racial theories in O cortiço and Canaã
Luana Tieko Omena Tamano, Poliana dos Santos, Gildo Magalhães, Ana Claudia Aymoré Martins

Nature and culture in the eyes of a nineteenth-century naturalist: Wallace and the Amazon
José Jerônimo de Alencar Alves

Fueguinos’, Robert Lehmann-Nitsche, and the study of the Ona at the Buenos Aires National Exhibit (1898)
Diego A. Ballestero

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: history and critique of a concept
Daniela Kurcgant, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita Ayres

The mathematic representation of a treatment: the circulation of technoscientific inscriptions in extracorporeal lithotripsy
Antonio Arellano

From human to number in the construction of toxoplasmosis from the logic of the human sciences
Vera Lucia Marques da Silva, Kenneth Rochel Camargo Júnior

Drawer of boundaries: Franz Boas and the (im)possibility of the concept of culture in anthropology
Angel Martínez-Hernáez

Worms, slugs and humans: the medical and popular construction of an emerging infectious disease
Márcia Grisotti, Fernando Dias de Avila-Pires

War is hazardous for your health: photographs and testimonies about death, wounds, disease and medical care during the Mexican Revolution
John Mraz
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Purveyors of technology: provincial engineers and the construction of road infrastructure in Minas Gerais
Lidiany Silva Barbosa

Buddhism and science: an asymmetrical description
review by Diana Obregón Torres on Buddhism and science: a guide for the perplexed,
by Donald S. Lopez Jr.
text in spanish

Animales de papel
review by Irina Podgorny on El rinoceronte y el megaterio: un ensayo de morfología histórica,
by Juan Pimentel
text in spanish

The body as object and source in the production of the senses
review by Nádia Maria Weber Santos on Corpo: identidades, memórias e subjetividades,
by Monica Pimenta Velloso, Joëlle Rouchou and Cláudia Oliveira
text in portuguese

The institutionalization of SUS and the professional training of health workers
review by Luiza Helena Dalpiaz on Estado, sociedade e formação profissional em saúde: contradições e desafios em 20 anos de SUS, by Gustavo Corrêa Matta and Júlio César França Lima
text in portuguese

Constituting human and non-human collectivities: ordering the world
review by Rafael Bennertz on Reassembling the social: an introduction to Actor-Network-Theory,
by Bruno Latour
text in portuguese

Reflecting on pharmaceutical innovations and their impact on access to medications
review by José Augusto Cabral de Barros on Medicamentos no Brasil: inovação e acesso,
by Paulo Marchiori Buss, José da Rocha Carvalheiro and Carmem Phang Romero Casas
text in portuguese

The production of care within family healthcare teams: new lenses through which to view the micro-politics of health work
review by Adriano Maia dos Santos on A produção subjetiva do cuidado: cartografias da estratégia saúde da família, by Túlio Batista Franco, Cristina Setenta Andrade and Vitória Solange Coelho Ferreira
text in portuguese

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