Vol. 17 • n.4 • Oct.-Dec. 2010



Girolamo Fracastoro and the invention of syphilis
Virginia Iommi Echeverría
text in english

Reading the ‘natural book’: notes towards a history of anatomical and surgical studies in Buenos Aires (1870-1895)
Pablo Souza, Diego Hurtado
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Biomedical colonialism or local autonomy?: local healers in the fight against tuberculosis
Antonio Miguel Ortega Martos

Anthropology, ethnography, and narrative: intersecting paths in understanding the processes of health and sickness
Gabriela M.C. Costa, Dulce M.R. Gualda

Isolated ‘like us’ or isolated ‘among us’?: the controversy within the National Academy of Medicine over compulsory isolation of leprosy sufferers
Vivian da Silva Cunha
text in english

Open access to academic scholarship as a public policy resource: a study of the Capes database on Brazilian theses and dissertations
Teresa da Silva Rosa, Maria José Carneiro

Worker diet in Brazil: a review of Brazilian scholarship on the topic
Maria da Purificação Nazaré Araújo, Jamacy Costa-Souza, Leny Alves Bomfim Trad

Regionalism, modernity, and intellectual legitimacy: Moysés Vellinho and Érico Veríssimo (1930 to 1964)
Mara Cristina de Matos Rodrigues

One photograph, myriad images: rural education in Northern Brazil
Sonia Maria da Silva Araújo

Man’s odyssey told by other navigators
• review by Cassius Schnell Palhano Silva on Paleoparasitologia, by Luiz Fernando Ferreira, Karl Jan Reinhard e Adauto Araújo
text in portuguese

The imag-ethics of the individual
• review by Ceres Víctora on ‘Meio quilo de gente’: um estudo antropológico sobre ultra-som obstétrico,by Lilian K. Chazan
text in portuguese

Georges Cuvier: natural history in pre-Darwinian times
• review by F. Felipe A. Faria on Georges Cuvier: un fisiólogo de museo, by Gustavo Caponi
text in portuguese

The ecological and civilizational crisis from an anthropological perspective
• review by Marco Aurélio Bilibio on People and nature: an introduction to human ecological
, by Emílio F. Moran
text in portuguese

A piece of history seen from the inside
• review by Iuri Cavlak on La política sanitaria del peronismo, by Karina Ramacciotti
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