Vol. 17 • n.3 • July-Sept. 2010



Pain beyond the confines of man: a preliminary introduction to the debate between Frances Power Cobbe and the darwinists with respect to vivisection in Victorian England (1863-1904)
André Luis de Lima Carvalho, Ricardo Waizbort 
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Considerations on the concepts of nature, space, and morphology in Alexander von Humboldt and on the genesis of modern physical geography
Antonio Carlos Vitte, Roberison Wittgenstein Dias da Silveira

Postmodern antinomies on nature
José Marcos Froehlich, Celso Reni Braidades

Discourses on the body, the ‘human motor’, energy and fatigue: cultural hybridations in fin-de-siècle Argentina
Diego P. Roldán
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The role of the Faculty of Medicine in the process of academic modernization and professionalization at the University of Buenos Aires, 1955-1958: issues in debate and points of convergence
Lucía Romero

The Bureau of Longitudes and the founding of the La Plata Observatory in Argentina (1882-1890)
Marina Rieznik

Euclides da Cunha in the Amazon: historical discontinuities in how the forest is seen and narrated
Leandro Belinaso Guimarães

The Boletim Médico: the tuberculosis specialists’ prescription for curing the city of São José dos Campos (1930-1935)
Valéria Zanetti, Maria Aparecida Papali, Maria José Acedo del Olmo, Paula V. Carnevale Vianna

Clinical and experimental research in nineteenth-century Brazil: the circulation and control of knowledge in medical helminthology
Flavio Coelho Edler
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Smallpox eradication and Brazil: an interview with Donald A. Henderson
Gilberto Hochman, Steven Palmer
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Smallpox eradication, laboratory visits, and a touch of tourism: travel notes of a Canadian scientist in Brazil
Steven Palmer, Gilberto Hochman, Danieli Arbex
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Twentieth-century Penelopes: popular culture revisited
Cleci Eulalia Favaro

Museums and their archives: in search of sources for researching audiences
Luciana Sepúlveda Köptcke, Marcele Regina Nogueira Pereira

In search of a sanitary village: tuberculosis, health, and culture in Argentina since the late nineteenth century
• by Luiz Antonio de Castro Santos and Lina Faria on La ciudad impura: salud, tuberculosis y cultura en Buenos Aires, 1870-1950, by Diego Armus
text in portuguese

An Argentinean public health utopia
• review by Beatriz Teixeira Weber on Higienismo argentino: historia de una utopía – la salud en el imaginário colectivo de una época, by Alejandro Kohl
text in portuguese

The history of science from the historian’s perspective
• review by Anny Jackeline Torres Silveira on Ciência, história e historiografia, by Martha Almeida and Moema de Rezende Vergara
text in portuguese

Natural history museums as a space for constructing knowledge
• review by Marcio Rangel on El desierto en una vitrina: museos e historia natural en la Argentina, 1810-1890, by Irina Podgorny and Maria Margaret Lopes
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Roosevelt and Rondon unveil a river in the Amazon
• review by José Augusto Drummond on River of doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s darkest journey,
by Candice Millard
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Children’s parks at São Paulo: childhood, education and health in the modernist project
• review by Janice Gonçalves on Mário de Andrade: o precursor dos parques infantis em São Paulo,
by Ana Cristina Arantes
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