Vol. 17 • n.2 • April-June 2010



The cerebralization of fatigue: an analysis of the cerebral hypothesis in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome
Francisco Ortega, Rafaela Zorzanelli
text in english

The Paduan School of Medicine: medicine and philosophy in the modern era
Regina Andrés Rebollo
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Health and dietetics in medieval preventive medicine: the health regimen of Peter of Spain (thirteenth century)
Dulce O. Amarante dos Santos, Maria Daílza da Conceição Fagundes
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The end of food: dietary supplementation and diet among avid members of workout and fitness centers in Rio de Janeiro
César Sabino, Madel T. Luz, Maria Cláudia Carvalho

An evaluation of health learning during a visit to the Museum of Life
Vânia Rocha, Evelyse dos Santos Lemos, Virginia Schall

Women and their careers at Unicamp’s Faculty of Medical Sciences: unique voices and collective images
Maria Inez Montagner, Miguel Ângelo Montagner

Physical anthropology and the description of the ‘savage’ in the Brazilian Anthropological Exhibition of 1882
Juanma Sánchez Arteaga, Charbel Niño El-Hani
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The narratives and images of German travelers to nineteenth-century Brazil: the construction of an imagination about indigenous peoples, history, and the nation
Ana Luisa Fayet Sallas
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Science on the front page: an analysis of the covers of three Brazilian newspapers
Flavia Natércia da Silva Medeiros, Marina Ramalho, Luisa Massarani

The framing of transgenics in São Paulo newspapers: the potential contribution of information to political participation
Danilo Rothberg, Danilo Brancalhão Berbel

The amazing story of the fraudulent cloned embryos and what it tells us about science, technology, and the media
Iara Maria de Almeida Souza, Amanda Muniz Logeto Caitité

The career of Henrique da Rocha Lima and German-Brazilian relations (1901-1956)
André Felipe Cândido da Silva
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Social sciences and health education: the perspective of the Special Public Health Service’s Social Research Section in the 1950s
Nísia Trindade Lima, Marcos Chor Maio

Physical education, science, and health: notes on the holdings of the Center for Sports Memory (UFRGS)
Silvana Vilodre Goellner

Towards a scientific, humanist medicine: the relevance of Rudolf Virchow today
• review by Márcio Magalhães on Rudolf Virchow: patologista, antropologista, político, by Heinrich Schipperges
text in portuguese

Thoughts on cognitive access to information in Brazil
• review by Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvão on Informação, saúde e redes sociais: diálogos de conhecimentos nas comunidades da Maré, by Regina Maria Marteleto and Eduardo Navarro Stotz
text in portuguese

Ñande Ru Marangatu: the judicialization of the struggle for indigenous land and the role of the scientist
• review by Thiago Leandro Vieira Cavalcante on Ñande Ru Marangatu: laudo antropológico e histórico sobre uma terra kaiowa na fronteira do Brasil com o Paraguai, município de Antônio João, Mato Grosso do Sul, by Jorge Eremites de Oliveira and Levi Marques Pereira
text in portuguese

Network management: the strategy of regionalizing healthcare policy
• review by Luciano A. Prates Junqueira and Fabíola Dapuzzo on Gestão de redes: a estratégia de regionalização da política de saúde, by Sonia Fleury and Assis Mafort Ouverney
text in portuguese

The great benefit for humanity
• review by Paula Yuri Sugishita Kanikadan on The greatest benefit to mankind: a medical history of humanity from antiquity to the present, by Roy Porter
text in portuguese

Forgotten patriots
• resenha de Marco Aurélio Guimarães on Proteção à natureza e identidade nacional no Brasil, anos 1920-1940, by José Luiz de Andrade Franco and José Augusto Drummond
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