‘Tuberculosis: A Short History’ now available for free download

July 2015

"Tuberculosis: A Short History" cover.

“Tuberculosis: A Short History” cover.

The Centre for Global Health Histories 2013 publication “Tuberculosis: A Short History” has now been made available for free download on the York Digital Library. Joining our other titles (2015’s Health for All: The Journey to Universal Health Coverage & 2014’s Tropical Diseases: Lessons from History), it is available to view and download for free!

Tuberculosis: A Short History focuses on the history of TB’s impact and the efforts to control it from the nineteenth century up until the present day. Inside, Dr Helen Bynum introduces tuberculosis as an ancient and deadly foe, Professor Christoph Gradmann explores Robert Koch and the Tubercule Bacillus, Dr Niels Brimnes examines the global tuberculosis programme of the World Health Organization, Dr Henrice Altink charts TB in the British Empire, and members of the WHO Stop TB Department present a short history of drug-resistant TB.

Click here to download ‘Tuberculosis: A Short History”.

Source: University of York

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