The treatment of madness: discourses about curability in Spain

February 2017

Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926) was a German1926) was a German psychiatrist, a strong proponent of eugenics and racial hygiene.

The treatment of madness in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: discourses about curability in Spanish mental health care, 1890-1917, studies the  discourses about curability  between 1890 and 1917.

The authors are José Javier Plumed Domingo and Luis Miguel Rojo Moreno, professors at the University of Valencia.

While in the 1870s and 1880s the predominant discourse promoted by doctors  was extremely optimistic, it subsequently changed and became more pessimistic regarding treatment outcomes.

This attitude influenced the assimilation of fundamentally Kraepelinian psychiatry, which was questioned because of its pessimism.

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See the dossier about mental health in Revista HCS-Manguinhos (Oct./Dec. 2016).

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