The Journey to Universal Health Coverage

June 2015

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‘Health for All: The Journey to Universal Health Coverage’, based on the 2014 World Health Organization Global Health Histories (CGHH) seminar series, has now been published and is available for download via the University of York Online Digital Library. The book is bilingual in English and Portuguese.

CGHH’s latest publication ‘Health for All: The Journey to Universal Health Coverage’ (published by Orient BlackSwan) was released in May 2015. The volume is based on the 2014 World Health Organization Global Health Histories seminar series on the same topic, and the latest in a line of publications intended to reach out and transfer to a wider audience the knowledge generated by these landmark seminars.

It gathers together all of the topics featured in 2014’s seminar series; The Origins of Primary Health Care, Sri Lanka – An Example of Model Healthcare, Mexico: Uneven development and Primary Health Care, Nepal: Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage and Foreign Aid, South Africa: Primary Health Care as a Harbinger of Democracy, The UK, NHS and Universal Health Coverage, and Civil registration: The anchor for Universal Health Coverage?, as well as new chapters on related questions. Each forms an independent chapter, each authored by academic researchers and WHO official. The articles are complemented by a centre spread of feature photographs selected from several repositories and highlighting important episodes and stories from the chapters.

The global movement for primary health care (PHC), as advocated by the World Health Organization and its sister UN agencies, represented a most ambitious effort to expand health coverage fairly around the world. Adopted in the declaration of the International Conference on Primary Health Care held in Alma Ata, USSR (now Almaty, Kazakhstan) in 1978, it became a core concept of the WHO’s goal of better health for all by the year 2000.

Source: University of York – Centre for Global Health Histories

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