Human sciences against zika

Researchers of the international consortium ZIKAlliance gathered at Fiocruz to discuss the social aspects of the disease, such as the effects of campaigns and sexual rights.

Ethics guidance on key issues raised by the Zika outbreak

The document released by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) presents recommendations on the domains of healthcare delivery and research.

WHO Zika information resources available online

The WHO website put together information resources about the zika virus.

Una enfermedad sin precedentes en las Américas

José Moya,epidemiologo de la OPS/OMS Argentina, analiza las respuestas de los gobiernos de América Latina al zika y las consecuencias reveladas por la enfermedad.

Zika virus can cross the placenta at any stage of pregnancy

This recent research analyzed tissues of Brazilian pregnant women. One woman gave birth to a healthy baby despite the presence of the virus in her samples.

Zika virus and rubella: similarities and differences

Researcher Ilana Löwy, from the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Médicale Paris, traces a parallel between the current zika epidemics in Brazil and past rubella outbreaks.

Zika virus spreads across Americas – in pictures

This photo essay published in the Guardian shows different aspects of the Zika virus outbreak in countries such as Brazil, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Paraguay , Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Website about Zika Infection

Created by the Global Health Network with the collaboration of Fiocruz and other organizations, this website aims to provide a platform for sharing the latest information about Zika infection.