The yellow fever in the US imaginary, 1821-1848

While commercial links between Mexico and the United States through the port city of Veracruz brought significant advantages, public health concerns around yellow fever produced fascination and fear among US audiences.

Not a polar island: yellow fever in late nineteenth century Cuba

It analyses the struggle for medical and sanitary hegemony, which revolved essentially around that disease.

Theories about the propagation of yellow fever

Soraya Lódola and Edivaldo Góis Junior did a documentary research about the scientific debate on yellow fever in the Brazilian press between 1895 and 1903.

The polar chamber and the freezing of Cuba politics

Francisco Javier Martínez-Antonio explains the polar chamber’s way to freeze Cuba in medical and political terms in the 19th century.

A history of yellow fever, environment and nationalism in 19th century Florida, US

Elaine LaFay discusses how regional assessments raise questions about meanings of tropicality and cultural understandings of tropical diseases.

Workshop on tropical diseases to be webcasted live

The workshop is part of the project Policies and Practices of Public Health in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Historical Perspective.