History of tropical and neglected diseases from the 19th to the 21th centuries

The Symposium aims to promote broader reflections about these diseases on the national and international agendas.

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

This online journal publishes research on all aspects of these forgotten diseases affecting the world’s most neglected people.

“Race is never silenced in scientific inquiry”

Interview with Tara Inniss discusses how racial categorizations continue to form a major part of epidemiological investigation in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

A history of yellow fever, environment and nationalism in 19th century Florida, US

Elaine LaFay discusses how regional assessments raise questions about meanings of tropicality and cultural understandings of tropical diseases.

Workshop on tropical diseases to be webcasted live

The workshop is part of the project Policies and Practices of Public Health in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Historical Perspective.

Sick and unable to march

Bruno Romero Ferreira Miranda describes how the West Indian Company had to deal with a more deadly and persistent opponent than the Portuguese when they arrived in Brazil; namely the innumerous diseases found here.

Tropical Diseases: Lessons from History

This publication made by the Centre for Global Health Histories gathers together different types of neglected tropical diseases.

Another case of medical imperialism?

Philip Jan Havik discusses the efforts to research and control sleeping sickness in Portuguese Guinea during the Colonial Era.