Slavery and disease in Brazil

It argues that tetanus disproportionately killed the enslaved population, but gradually diminished in virulenceby the second half of the 1800s.

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners to depict legacies of slave-ownership

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners, a documentary looking at the abolition of slavery in Great Britain is based on an online database project; free, publicly available resource.

The abolition of the slave trade

With the help of the material gathered on this site, it becomes clear that the eradication of the international slave trade was a long, arduous, and tortuous process that spanned almost nine decades.

Slavery, freedom and the sea

In the book “The Empire of Necessity: Slavery Freedom and Deception in the New World”, historian Greg Grandin tells the story of the slave ship rebellion that inspired “Benito Cereno”, a masterpiece of Herman Melville.

Ernst Hasenclever in Gongo-Soco

English exploitation of the gold mines in the state of Minas Gerais in the nineteenth century
Article by Debora Bendocchi Alves