The Franco-German influence in Latin America

In 1921, the German Chimica Industrial Bayer begun to operate in Brazil producing drugs locally. See the research note by Magali Romero Sá, Jaime L. Benchimol, Simone Kropf and Larissa Viana and André Felipe Cândido da Silva.

The Brexit and its consequences for science

Mathew Brown, co-editor of Bulletin of Latin American Research analyzes the consequences of this exit for science and the academic community.

World’s biodiversity literature now freely available online

SciELO integrates the Biodiversity Heritage Library, a consortium that is digitizing the collections of leading research institutions around the world for online open access.

HCSM’s latest issue of 2014 available online

This issue features 25 articles of different topics. See its full content in Scielo.

Social networks and scientific journalism: a challenge to editors

“I am optimistic about the prospect of reaching soon the full internationalization both of the academic journal as well as of its personas on social networks,” says Jaime L. Benchimol, scientific editor of História, Ciências, Saúde Manguinhos .