Current Challenges to Health for all again

Global Health Histories Seminar 135: Sanjoy Bhattacharya (University of York) and Gustavo Corrêa Matta (ENSP/ Fiocruz) will discuss major challenges of primary health care.

What lessons does polio eradication offer for global health?

Prof. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director of the Centre for Global Health Histories (University of York) has been featured in an online news article on polio eradication.

The smallpox eradication program in India, 1960-1980

This paper, published in 2007, re-assesses the smallpox eradication program in India and the main actors involved.

21st century challenges for history of science and medicine journals

This symposium will discuss the publication of articles and book reviews in academic journals in an internet‐driven age.

Leprosy: a short history

The Centre for Global Health Histories publication examines leprosy’s impact on society from the medieval period up to the present day.

Fiocruz hosts international events on global health, ethics and leprosy

5-6 May 2016. Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro

Global smallpox eradication

This project of the Department of History at the University of York offers information and interviews about the international efforts to eradicate smallpox.