Leprosy and segregation in colonial Mozambique

The paper indicates the different views on leprosy between locals, doctors and missionaries.

The politics of segregation

This paper examines the First International Leprosy Conference held in Berlin in 1897.

The anti-leprosy campaign in Colombia, 1920-1940

The article discusses the replacement of the segregation approach by a more general public health strategy.

Leprosy: a short history

The Centre for Global Health Histories publication examines leprosy’s impact on society from the medieval period up to the present day.

Fiocruz hosts international events on global health, ethics and leprosy

5-6 May 2016. Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro

Hansen’s disease in the Amazon Region

This article systematized the information on the history of Hansen’s disease, the public institutions and policies that addressed this disease in Amazonas.