Transnational knowledge during the Cold War

Our current issue is now available online. It features a dossier on science during the Cold War, a period that affected not only technology related to the military and space races, but also research in biomedicine and other fields.

The fire, the death and the hope

Our current issue is now available online.

Eugenics in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America

HCSM’s new issue explores eugenic thinking and practice beyond the English-speaking world.

Migrants and refugees in HCSM

We selected papers and interviews that explore the relation between migration and health. World Refugee Day, 20 June – the United Nations.

HIV/AIDS, its stigma and history

Our science editors André Felipe Cândido da Silva and Marcos Cueto discuss the HIV prevention policy adopted in Brazil since December 2017: the pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Current issue online!

Readers will find articles that explore different aspects of disease: stigmatization, medical discourse and the role of media.

Two calls for papers: philanthropy and homeopathy

HCSM recently announced two calls for papers to two different dossiers, one on the history of homeopathy in Latin America and the other on philanthropy an the state.

Convocatoria: La homeopatía en Latinoamérica, Portugal y España

HCSM convoca a todos los académicos que estudian las prácticas homeopáticas a enviar sus artículos para un dossier especial.

Our current issue is available online!

In this present issue we begin a new section: historiographical reviews.

HCSM features a dossier on the Red Cross’ work

It explores the technological innovations designed to alleviate the suffering of those impacted by war.