Current Challenges to Health for all again

Global Health Histories Seminar 135: Sanjoy Bhattacharya (University of York) and Gustavo Corrêa Matta (ENSP/ Fiocruz) will discuss major challenges of primary health care.

Some celebratory reflections

For the celebration of the 25 years of HCS-Manguinhos, Steven Palmer, History Professor at the University of Windsor tells us a story of our former editor Jaime Benchimol.

Beyond Europe and North America

“Journals such as História, Ciências, Saúde– Manguinhos do a great service to global academia because they establish excellent academic work as a normal part of the Global South, and the Global South as a normal part of excellent academic work,” Iris Borowy, Distinguished Professor at the Center for the History of Global Development at Shanghai University.

Call for papers: workshop on global governance and accountability in Health Care

This workshop is organized by a new network of scholars and invite those interested in thinking critically about the history of concepts and practices now closely associated with accountability in health care.

PAHO ‘Leaders in International Health’ program now accepting applications

Professionals from countries throughout the Americas are eligible. Deadline: Feb. 15.

Philanthropy and the State: New paradigms

Call for papers for a special issue on Philanthropy. Send us your work by August 31, 2018.

Zika and Aedes aegypti: new and old challenges

The current issue of HCSM (vol.24 no.4 Oct./Dec. 2017) features a debate about the zika epidemic, which came to the fore when the disease raised a series of concerns related to birth defects.

The odyssey of global health revisited

A review of the book by Steven Palmer about the earlier years of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Global health has a history

“Launching Global Health”, by Steven Palmer, illuminates the role played by international agencies in developing countries. Read the interview with the author.

Revisiting the Millennium Development Goals

Marcos Cueto analises some lessons from the experience of the MDG in the editor´s letter of HCSM’s first issue of 2015.