Between art and information: communicating world health, 1948–70

This paper published in the Journal of Global History examines the World Health Organization’s emergent attitudes to public information.

Mental Health Pasts, Current Trends and Futures

This new work offers a number of case studies from different areas of the world and across periods in time which shed light on some of the many motivations and innovations in the field of mental health.

The smallpox eradication program in India, 1960-1980

This paper, published in 2007, re-assesses the smallpox eradication program in India and the main actors involved.

Aedes aegypti: antiguas y nuevas emergencias sanitarias

Jose Moya y Monica Garcia mostrarán un panorama de los procesos biológicos, sanitarios, históricos y sociales en los que se ha desarrollado el mosquito Aedes aegypti y las enfermedades relacionadas.

Leprosy: a short history

The Centre for Global Health Histories publication examines leprosy’s impact on society from the medieval period up to the present day.

Fiocruz hosts international events on global health, ethics and leprosy

5-6 May 2016. Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro