Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nursing and Health Care History

May 2017

Source: American Association for the History of Science

The Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry (ECBCNHI) and the Religion/Policy/Conflict (RPC) Initiative invites applications for one full-time, fixed-term Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship position at the University of Virginia to start in the fall of 2017.

This position supports scholars studying the broad history of nursing and health care with a special interest in the nexus of conflict, religion, social values, and care.

Projects may include research on knowledge that integrates science and compassion; how nurses and other health care workers historically transformed care in conflict environments (at state, national, and transnational levels); the changing cultural and historical contexts of values towards care; the historical, political, and societal dimensions of domestic and gender-based violence; and/or different narratives of conflict and conflict reduction that have been articulated in specific places and times.

Recipients must have received a PhD in the last five years and have a program of research that will advance their fields. Applicants must have well-designed and carefully developed plans for research.

The position is intended to provide time and resources to enable recipients to conduct their research.

The ultimate product is a major piece of scholarly work that will make major progress toward a book or other equally substantial form of scholarship.

This endeavor is intended to support one academic year of research (nine months) ($50,000).

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To apply, visit and search for posting number 0620951. Complete the Candidate Profile, attach a CV, and contact information for three professional references.

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