25 more years!

June 2019

Our current issue (Apr./June 2019) is now available online. This edition celebrates our 25 years dedicated to the history of science and health. In the editor’s note, Marcos Cueto and André Felipe Cândido da Silva present the achievements and hardships of the last 25 years:

“The anniversary is also a memorable one because, despite its scientific and editorial achievements, this journal emerged, is produced and stands out in a country, Brazil, and a region, Latin America, in which serious problems keep on re-emerging, threatening academic, institutional and political continuity. História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos has had to overcome skepticism in various parts of the world among those who doubted that the global south could publish a quality journal”.

This issue also features a historiographical review of yellow fever in Latin America, since 1980 and articles on topics such as prostitution in Argentina,1936-1955; public health in Post-war Spain, 1941-1943; water resources in Brazil; tuberculosis in Mexico City, 1920-1940; attitudes to X-rays in Buenos Aires, 1896-1897.

Enjoy the reading!

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