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Nuclear Test at Bikini Atoll: In this issue: “For the good of mankind”: The legacy of nuclear testing in Micronesia by Seiji Yamada, MD, MPH; Matthew Akiyama, MD, MSc.

Social Medicine : Vol 8, no 2 (2014)

Social Medicine is a bilingual open access journal published by the Montefiore Medical Center, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Latin American Social Medicine Association.

It’s latest issue (Vol 8, no 2 2014) features six articles in Spanish and English. In the editorial section, Andreas Wulf discusses the consequences when national healthcare systems fail. According to the text, the effects can be global: epidemics can spread across borders, causing new outbreaks of serious diseases.

The original research section features two articles. Adriana María Correa Botero and Jaime Carmona-Fonseca talks about parasites and malnutrition in Northwest Colombia. In the second article, José Alejandro Meza Palmeros, Héctor Javier Sánchez Pérez, Graciela Freyermuth Enciso and Georgina Sánchez Ramírez discuss Tuberculosis in the Mexican region of Chiapas.

This issue also brings one article about the social determinants of eating disorders in Mexico. Lastly, Seiji Yamada and Matthew Akiyama analyse the legacy of nuclear testing in Micronesia.

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For other articles, see:

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