Moorish pavilion: singular and universal

July 20th, 2020

Our latest issue is out (HCSM Apr./June 2020) and features a dossier on the moorish pavilion, the famous building at Fiocruz’s headquarters, which is the greatest symbol of the institution. This dossier is part of institutional initiatives to celebrate the 120 years of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

The Moorish pavillon at Fiocruz

The moorish pavilion was built in the beginning of the 20th century and since then is part of Rio de Janeiro’s landscape. Oswaldo Cruz Foundation has always played a leading role in public health actions in Latin America, and has the goal of promoting health and social development and scientific knowledge.

The articles of this dossier discuss different aspects related to Fiocruz’s moorish pavilion such as its architecture, multiple influences and the challenge of its preservation.

Artwork by Fernando Vasconcelos on photograph of side view of Moorish Castle [1917?] (Collection DAD/COC/Fiocruz). Click here to see our latest issue.

This issue also features articles in English and Spanish on different topics such as understandings of the word “hygiene“, perceptions of death in Brazil, the influenza pandemic of 1918 in Mexico, psychology and worker motivation in Colombia, 1946-1991, astronomy and meteorology in Argentina, 1869-1872, and transvestites and transsexuals in Argentina from 1971-1982.

Enjoy the reading!

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