HCSM’s latest issue of 2014 available online

Jan 2016

The HCSM’s  latest issue of 2014 (vol. 21, n. 4, out/dez 2014)  is fully available in Scielo, with articles of different topics. It features 25 articles, many of them also in English and Spanish. In the Editor’s Note, Marcos Cueto  analyses the Ebola outbreak in a historical perspective. I the analyses section, topics range from the discourse of sexual excess as a Brazilian hallmark to a an analysis of genetic studies of the Brazilian population and the concept of obsession before Freud. This issue also features an interview about Andean medicine and a research on birth control in Colombia in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

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Intervention on a picture of Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. Unknown artist. From www.camposdojordaocultura.com.br, by Edmundo Ferreira da Rocha.


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