Health in the global context

 Mar 2015

HCS postHCS Manguinho´s latest issue features two dossiers that discuss health issues within the broader international context. The first one, “Bioethics and Diplomacy in the Health Dossier“, presents some of the studies being conducted to understand governance in health on an international scale; in particular, the ethical perspectives and implications related to technical cooperation between countries in the context of the increasing internationalization of health issues. Topics in this section range from international cooperation in health to the relation between health and development.

The second one , “International Health/Global Health Dossier”, features articles about different dimensions and periods of the interface between global/international health and national/local public health with emphasis on the negotiation, resistance, adaptation and also the circulation of knowledge. Among the issues discussed in this section are the midwives in Peru, the institutions linked to occupational accidents in Argentina;  the cancer-prevention campaigns in Brazil and the campaigns by international agencies and national organizations to eliminate infectious diseases in Latin American rural areas.

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