Eugenics in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America

August 2018

Exploring a growing field of study, HCSM’s new issue (vol.25 Aug. 2018) sheds some light on eugenics in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America. It opens up questions that point to the nebulous boundaries of eugenics: where was the border between health and unhealthiness? How far did eugenics spread? Why is it valid to talk about eugenics beyond Nazism?

Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.25 supl.1 Rio de Janeiro Aug. 2018. Artwork by Fernando Vasconcelos.

Guest Editors Marisa A. Miranda and Gustavo Vallejo, researchers of Conicet, explain that this special edition takes on a global dimension that decentralizes the English-speaking world.

“Eugenics is historicized here as an expression of the connections between science and power, biology and politics, medicine and religion, and health and sexuality, in the framework of countries involved in a permanent dialogue on the topic,” says the letter.

Thus, the articles in this issue provide a range of contributions that interpellate this Mediterranean and Latin American version of eugenics, whose characteristics include strategies for identifying, classifying, hierarchizing and excluding otherness.


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