Early medicine in the Wellcome library

Aug 2015

Welcome to Early Medicine, the Wellcome Library’s blog channel on medicine and health in Europe in the ancient, medieval and early modern periods. This new blog was born from a wish to exploit their growing body of early digitised content to explore key themes in pre-modern health and medicine. At the same time, they aim to highlight, contextualise and increase access to their digitised manuscripts and early printed books.L0021271 Folio from 'Liber de arte Distillandi de Compositis...'

Early Medicine’s authors come from a range of disciplines, and are established experts, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and library and archive professionals. Pieces may focus on a single manuscript or early printed book, or indeed a single page or image, or may be a broad-ranging overview of a topic. Some articles present very new findings, and some pieces draw connections between the holdings of different library and archive collections across the world.

Their aim is for an international community of readers and contributors to grow around the Early Medicine blog. We also hope that the blog will be particularly useful to undergraduate and Master’s students and, to that end, it will explore a number of key themes in the study of early health and medicine.

Read in HCS Manguinhos:

Rebollo, Regina Andrés. A Escola Médica de Páduamedicina e filosofia no período modernoHist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos, Jun 2010, vol.17, no.2, p.307-331. ISSN 0104-5970




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