Crises can trigger change


André Felipe Cândido da Silva and Marcos Cueto, Science editors of HCSM.

In the editor’s note of the latest issue of HCS-Manguinhos,  (vol.22  supl. Rio de Janeiro dez. 2015), the scientific editors, Marcos Cueto and André Felipe Cândido da Silva, reflected on the turbulent year of 2015, recalling dramatic events, such as the disaster that has stained the landscapes of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo with mud and the attacks that took the lives of over 130 people in Paris.

According to the editors, we may be facing new problems, but we also have new tools for political and social action. Those tools are the Internet and its power of mobilization, a topic that permeates eight articles of this issue of HCS-Manguinhos.

“All these crises, both local and global, and the attempts to understand and remediate them are indicative of the complexity of the dynamics in the contemporary world. In the most diverse of contexts, traditional forms of political representation have proved limited in channeling the demands of society,” the letter says.

Finally, the editors recalled that since 2013, História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos has had an online presence in the form of a blog in Portuguese  and English and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Read the editor’s note in English or Portuguese

See the full summary of HCS-Manguinhos’ new issue: Innovation and recent perspectives in the history of sciences   (vol.22  supl. Rio de Janeiro dez. 2015)


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