Classy, cutting-edge and cosmopolitan

June 2019

Historian Anne-Emanuelle Birn is a member of HCSM’s Scientific Editorial Board. 

HCSM – 25 years

Anne-Emanuelle Birn is a Professor of Critical Development Studies and Global Health at the University of Toronto. She has written several articles and books about the history of global health in the Americas.

The book  Comrades in health: U.S. health internationalists, abroad and at home (2013), which she co-edited with Theodore M. Brown, brings together a group of professionals and activists whose lives have been dedicated to health internationalism.

See her testimony on our journal, as well as her articles and related stories published in Manguinhos:

“When I think of História, Ciências, Saúde–Manguinhos, three descriptors come to mind: classy, cutting-edge and cosmopolitan.

Classy, because the journal’s presentation departs from the typical staid academic format and takes design as seriously as it does substance.  No other journal in the field is as visually attractive, with every issue inviting the reader to pour over its pages, and return again and again.

Cutting-edge, because HCSM not only covers every imaginable emerging theme in the history of medicine, health, and science in Latin America, but it transcends the regional focus in revisiting topics from and about the world writ large that merit renewed scrutiny, theorizing, and analysis.  HCSM was in the first wave of truly open-access journals, in which neither authors nor readers are required to pay (thus departing from the standard practice of enriching powerful publishing corporations that are interested in profits, not content).  HCSM has also been a pioneer in devoting special sections to examination of new media and to archival exploration (spanning documentary and photographic materials).

Cosmopolitan, because the journal is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-country/society.  Few other journals go to such lengths to publish so many pieces in multiple languages in order to increase the reach, scope, and accessibility of the research.

In sum, História, Ciências, Saúde–Manguinhos is the go-to journal for history of health and health sciences in Latin America and well beyond. It has been an honor and a privilege both to publish in the journal and to serve on its Scientific Editorial Board.”

Anne-Emanuelle Birn in HCS-Manguinhos:

In Memoriam: Dr. Elizabeth Fee -We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Elizabeth Fee on October 17, 2018. Dr. Fee was a remarkable and influential public health historian.

Birn, Anne-Emanuelle. Child health in Latin America: historiographic perspectives and challenges. Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos, Sept 2007, vol.14, no.3.

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Activismo estadounidense en la historia de la salud internacional – Marcos Cueto analiza un libro con testimonios de actores del activismo medico norteamericano en diferentes revoluciones en el mundo.


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