Una eugenesia latina

Marisa Miranda y Gustavo Vallejo, editores invitados del último número de HCS-Manguinhos, analizan las diferencias entre las denominadas eugenesia anglosajona y eugenesia latina.

El nuevo gobierno mexicano y la salud

Ana María Carrillo, profesora titular en la UNAM, México, analiza los desafíos del país en el área de salud pública y las tendencias del presidente mexicano con respeto a este tema.

History to large audiences

“Science, health and medicine are vibrant topics of public history,” said Thomas Cauvin, President of the International Federation for Public History.

Against the global trend

Fiocruz researchers argue that tobacco consumption in Brazil goes in the opposite direction to global trend, which is the migration of the problem of tobacco from the developed countries to low income regions.

“The rise of smoking in the Global South constitutes a health crisis of enormous proportions.”

In this interview to our blog, Professor of the History of Medicine at Harvard University Allan M. Brandt said that the cigarette remains today the most deadly, legal product sold around the world.

Looking ahead to 2019: 25 years of HCSM

Our journal will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019. In the editor’s note of our current issue, science editors André Felipe Cândido da Silva and Marcos Cueto reflected on the progress made so far and the hurdles still to be overcome.

“Thinking historically might be a good idea”

In this interview to our blog the Professor of History at the University of Virginia Christian McMillen talks about the main challenges of tuberculosis control in developing countries today.

Activism in the history of medicine

An interview with Dr Susan M. Reverby, Professor Emerita in Women’s and Gender Studies at Wellesley College.

Zika and Aedes aegypti: new and old challenges

The current issue of HCSM (vol.24 no.4 Oct./Dec. 2017) features a debate about the zika epidemic, which came to the fore when the disease raised a series of concerns related to birth defects.

Psy cultures: psychoanalysis, subjectivity and politics

Mariano Plotkin (Conicet, Universidad Tres de Febrero) and Jane Russo (Instituto de Medicina Social UERJ) are the guest editor`s of the new suplement of HCS-Manguinhos.