Social medicine in Latin America, 1930–1945

The paper examines the international networks that influenced ideas and policy in social medicine in Latin America, focusing on institutions.

La erradicación de la malaria en México, 1956-1971

Marcos Cueto analiza el desarrollo de la campaña de erradicación del paludismo en México en el marco de la Guerra Fría

A vast collection on Brazilian health and science

Lee R Hiltzik, Assistant Director at the Rockefeller Archive Center provided details about the collection and explained how it can be useful to Brazilian researchers of the history of medicine and science.

Estimado doctor Freud

Este libro de Mariano Ben Plotkin y Mariano Ruperthuz Honorato ofrece una mirada renovada sobre la historia intelectual del psicoanálisis en la región.

Profesionalización y especialización sanitaria en Chile y Argentina

Un amplio grupo de investigadores explora los procesos de profesionalización y especialización ocurridos durante los siglos XIX y XX en el ámbito sanitario en América Latina.

Mental Health Pasts, Current Trends and Futures

This new work offers a number of case studies from different areas of the world and across periods in time which shed light on some of the many motivations and innovations in the field of mental health.

Malaria, modernidad y desarrollo en la Argentina de la primera mitad del siglo XX

Una reseña de Marcos Cueto, editor científico de HCS-Manguinhos.

Imperfect Pregnancies

Ilana Löwy was guest editor of the dossier “The medicalization of Brazilian bodies”, published in HCS-Manguinhos in 2016.

The beginnings of bacteriology in Brazil

Jaime Benchimol reviews the introduction and development of Pasteurian medicine in Brazil.

Freud’s letter on Homosexuality

“Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness,” says the letter.