Two calls for papers: philanthropy and homeopathy

HCSM recently announced two calls for papers to two different dossiers, one on the history of homeopathy in Latin America and the other on philanthropy an the state.

Convocatoria: La homeopatía en Latinoamérica, Portugal y España

HCSM convoca a todos los académicos que estudian las prácticas homeopáticas a enviar sus artículos para un dossier especial.

Philanthropy and the State: New paradigms

HCS-Manguinhos announces a call for papers for a special issue on Philanthropy.

Wellcome Collection for Brazilian researchers

See how to apply for a fellowship.

Fellowships for scholars of Brazil, India and South Africa

These fellowships will be for research in history of medicine and in medical humanities using the collections of leading North-American institutions.

Our journal on the 25th ICHST

The editor’s letter of our latest issue (July/Sept. 2017) highlights the strong impact of the “global turn” on the history of science.

Marcos Cueto is the new President-Elect of the Division of History of Science and Technology of the IUHPST

Cueto was nominated President-Elect by a majority vote of the General Assembly during the 25th ICHST.

The legacy of Oswaldo Cruz

In the editor’s note of the latest issue of HCS-Manguinhos (vol.24 no.2 Apr./Jun. 2017), André Felipe Cândido da Silva and Marcos Cueto reflect on the hundredth anniversary of the death of Oswaldo Cruz.

WHO elects Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as its new director general

Tedros will be the first director-general from an African country.

The medicalization of birth in a socio-historical perspective  

HCS-Manguinhos announces a call for papers for a special issue on birth.