Call for Papers: “Trans Studies en las Américas”

October, 2017

A Special Issue of Transgender Studies Quarterly, Volume 6, Issue 2, (Spring 2019) calls for for papers about a range of topics related to trans studies:  cultural production, artistic practices, public policy debates, human rights discourses, and activisms.

The editors will accept texts in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Proposals might address:

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2018. See more!

Related papers in Manguinhos:

Goldenberg, Mirian. O gênero das travestis: corpo e sexualidade na cultura brasileira. Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos, Dez 2009, vol.16, no.4. p.1115-1119. ISSN 0104-5970

Magalhães, Joanalira Corpes and Ribeiro, Paula Regina Costa. Para além de um corpo transparente: investigando métodos e estratégias de esquadrinhar o sujeito homossexual. Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos, Jun 2015, vol.22, no.2, p.461-482. ISSN 0104-5970

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