Call for papers: Revista Historia Critica, Universidad de los Andes

história crítica

December 2014

The journal Historia Crítica, published by the History Department of the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)  announces a call for papers for the special issue, “A historical, theoretical and historiographical view of the border”, edited by Diana Bonnet Vélez. Papers should be submitted between 13 January and February 20, 2015.

The concept of the “Border” evokes a variety of different uses associated with themes and issues of interest for the Social Sciences. The “border crossers” and “wetbacks” are two everyday examples of this. The concept of the “border zone” is often associated with anomie, narcotrafficking, networks of human trafficking, as well as other issues relating to illegality. However, in cultural studies, the notion of the border is permanently associated with processes of innovation, adaptation and cultural renovation, as you might call it.

From the perspective of Geography, History and Anthropology, studies on the “Border” point us towards interdisciplinary examinations of territory, fluid conditions of social space and the geopolitical strategies of governments; from regional studies to analyses of the differences between the urban border and rural spaces. For economists, the border is the hub of exchange, of contraband and all types of monetary movements. Meanwhile, from the point of view of sociological studies and Anthropology, the border highlights interesting elements for understanding otherness, difference and alternative cultures.

Given the multiplicity of possibilities for analysis – from theoretical proposals to historical and historiographical works – the paper A historical, theoretical and historiographical view of the border aims to bring together work that offers a new perspective on this theme, aimed at everybody interested in History and the Social Sciences.

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