Brazilian researchers launch a campaign to create a collaborative digital archive of Museu Nacional

September 2018

Researchers from several Brazilian institutions launched a campaign to gather copies of documents that belonged to the Archive of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (Museu Nacional), recently destroyed by fire. If you have digitized, photocopied or transcribed documents originally from the museum’s archive please read the following instructions.

Many dissertations, theses and historical researches were carried out with documents previously preserved in the museum. If we all share our records (text files and digital images), it is possible to create an extensive digital archive. Sharing these records is the least we can do for the reconstruction of the Museu Nacional.

Text files and digital images collected in this campaign will be deposited in a repository. After the restructuring of the museum, the digital material will be delivered to them.

To participate in this campaign, please send your records to with the following information:

Your name and the institution where you work (or where you developed the dissertation / thesis).

We also need the following information in a Word document:

Author of the document (if any)

Document title (if any)

Document date (if any)

Location of the document in the Museu Nacional (as complete as possible), eg: “Registro de Atas e Deliberações do Conselho Administrativo do Museu Nacional, Livro n. 4, 1885-1893, BR.MN.MN.CD.o.2”.

If any information is missing, please indicate. It is very important to also identify the files (image and text) with the author’s name, title or location.



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