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March 2016

nursing clio

In Greek mythology, Clio is the Muse of History. So, Nursing Clio is meant as a double entendre — Nursing, as in the medical profession, and nursing in the way that mothers nurse their children.


Nursing Clio is an open access, peer-reviewed, collaborative blog project that ties historical scholarship to present-day issues related to gender and medicine. Bodies, reproductive rights, and health care are often at the center of social, cultural, and political debates. This project believes the issues that dominate today’s headlines and affect our daily lives reach far back into the past — that the personal is historical.

The mission of Nursing Clio is to provide a platform for historians, health care workers, community activists, students, and the public at large to engage in socio-political and cultural critiques of this ongoing and historical dialogue regarding the gendered body, the history of medicine,  and popular culture. Nursing Clio provides a coherent, intelligent, informative, and fun historical source for the consideration of these topics.

Read the articles about gender already published in HCS-Manguinhos:

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