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July 2019

HCSM 25 years

Iris Borowy, Distinguished Professor at Shanghai University.

Iris Borowy, is a Distinguished Professor at the Center for the History of Global Development at Shanghai University.

She has written several books and articles on global health and international health institutions. She is the author of the article “East German medical aid to Nicaragua,” on  health  cooperation during the Cold War (vol.24 no.2 Apr./Jun. 2017). See what she said about HCS-Manguinhos:

“I first found out about História, Ciências, Saúde– Manguinhos over ten years ago during my work on the League of Nations Health Organisation. I was urgently looking for information on working relations between that institution and countries beyond Europe and North America.

The sources told me that there was ample contact but it was difficult to find secondary literature on the topic, and História, Ciências, Saúde– Manguinhos offered a source of extremely valuable information. I was very thankful to find a publication outlet that combined a non-Northern focus with academic rigor and a broad, non-ideological approach.

These qualities have consistently marked its publications, and I have used it for a broad range of topics in research as well as in teaching. During my stay at the Casa Oswaldo Cruz I had the opportunity to meet several people behind the journal and to see their good work. Marcos Cueto has, of course, long been an appreciated colleague and friend, and I am happy whenever our paths cross.

Journals such as História, Ciências, Saúde– Manguinhos do a great service to global academia because they establish excellent academic work as a normal part of the Global South, and the Global South as a normal part of excellent academic work.”

Borowy, Iris. East German medical aid to Nicaragua: the politics of solidarity between biomedicine and primary health careHist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos, Apr 2017, vol.24, no.2.

East German medical aid to Nicaragua, 1979 – 1989 – This cooperation followed the logic of the Cold War.

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