Between art and information: communicating world health, 1948–70

March, 2018

Source: Centre for Global Health Histories

World Health special issue: “The Americas, ” Sept. Oct 1961. WHO.

CGHH Research Fellow and Deputy Director Dr Alexander Medcalf’s open access article  ‘Between art and information: communicating world health, 1948–70’ has now been published in the Journal of Global History (Volume 13, Issue 1 (2018), pp. 94-120) and is available to view online via Cambridge Core.

The article examines the World Health Organization’s emergent attitudes to public information. This term covered the multiple strategies used to communicate with the public, educating people and informing them about the health situation around the world as part of the enduring fight against disease. This process was rarely straightforward and required the agency not only monitor the impact of its own efforts but also to identify opportunities to further enhance its reputation.

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