Baniwa food myths and rituals

April 19, 2019, Indian Day in Brazil

The Baniwa people, a member of the Aruak group which lives in the northwestern Amazon, has a rich mythic tradition. For the Baniwa, as for other South-American indigenous societies, there is a unity of spirit between humans and animals.

In the article Cosmology, environment, and health: Baniwa food myths and rituals, Luiza Garnelo (Fiocruz / Amazonia), a physician with a doctorate in anthropology,the eating myths and ritess a food source.

If food is prepared without compliance to ritual rules, it is contaminated with the aggressive power of animal-spirits and can provoke digestive or other health problems.

This article was published in an special issue on the Amazon Region (vol.14  suppl.0  Dec. 2007).

The article by Luiza Garnelo (Fiocruz/Amazonia), ; these have an intimate relationship with cosmological explanations of the origin of the gods, water bodies, and the micro-ecosystems that foster the reproduction

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