Memoria y comisiones de la verdad

Esta edición se centra en el análisis de los trabajos de la memoria que tiene lugar en el marco de las Comisiones de la Verdad constituidas como mecanismo de confrontación y superación de regímenes violentos en América Latina, con artículos sobre los casos de Chile, Argentina, Perú, Guatemala y el Salvador.

Psychoanalysis during the Brazilian military dictatorship

The paper concludes that psychoanalysis over this period was dominated by the discourse of neutrality.

In deep water

To celebrate the World Water Day, we selected articles about seas, oceans and rivers as subjects of history.

Tuberculosis y mundo laboral en Colombia, 1916-1946

El artículo examina la tuberculosis como enfermedad profesional y los usos de estadísticas en discursos oficiales.

How to free people from “abominable practices”

The essay argues that doctors and other health practitioners put a “silent racism” into practice in their reports on their interactions with indigenous communities and healers.

World War 2: A collection of U.S. government documents

This Digital Collection of the National Library of Medicine includes a range of documents and reports on the efforts of government, military personnel, health professionals, and scientists on the home front and overseas during WWII.

Medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth in the pages of Claudia, 1961-1990

This paper argues that pregnancy and childbirth were resignified, including the need for women to internalize the desire and obligation to be healthy during pregnancy and produce healthy children.

The influenza epidemic in Portugal, 1918-1919

The 1918 influenza pandemic was a catastrophe on a global scale. This paper investigates the epidemic in Coimbra, Portugal, using information found in the pages of a local newspaper.

Gini’s thoughts on eugenics

Although Gini is best remembered today as a statistician and demographer, the paper argues that his interest in population statistics was entirely subordinated to his passion for eugenics.

Call for papers: Scientific Revolution

Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for its special issue “Theses on the Scientific Revolution: A Historiographical Reappraisal of the Origins of Modern Science”.