Saberes y prácticas psiquiátricas en el primer franquismo

El número actual de la revista Dynamis presenta un dossier sobre la psiquiatría en el periodo franquista.

Madres y niños en HCS-Manguinhos

Una selección de artículos sobre las políticas de salud para madres y niños en América Latina.

Eugenics and sterilization in the United States, 1920 – 1950

Alexandra Minna Stern and her team at the University of Michigan reviews medical records to investigate ethnic and gender bias in sterilization policies.

The scientific and medical knowledge of the New World

An interview with Mark Thurner (Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London), principal investigator of LAGLOBAL, an international network aiming to advance scholarship on knowledge practices pioneered in Latin America.

Symbol of hate raised in Charlottesville

Learn the history of the swastika and its meaning.

El concepto de “obsesión” en el siglo XIX

El investigador Rafael Huertas se centra en los aspectos clínicos de las obsesiones a lo largo de un cierto recorrido histórico.

Calls for Papers: Edited Volume on the History of Medical Education

August 2017 Source: American Association for the History of Medicine This peer-reviewed volume will bring together original and diverse scholarship on the history of medical education and training in the healing arts. Historical research on all periods and geographies are welcome, including global and comparative perspectives, as well as any aspect of learning...

Tráfico de esclavos y esclavitud en las Américas, siglos XVI-XIX

Este número temático de “Trashumante: Revista americana de historia social” aborda la esclavitud en el imperio colonial portugués y español.

Open access, internationalization, funding and social media

The symposium “21st century challenges for history of science and history of medicine journals” was held during the 25th ICHST.

Food regulation in Brazil, 1889-1930

This paper spans the First Brazilian Republic (1889-1930) and shows that since its proclamation the issue of regulating the food trade was part of health policies.