Job opportunity: Medical Humanities Advisor

The Wellcome trust is looking for someone with the ability to identify the very best research across the many academic disciplines that make up the medical humanities.

El proceso de mestizaje en Chile

El sitio web del proyecto Memoria Chilena de la Biblioteca Nacional de Chile cuenta la historia del proceso de mestizaje en el país.

Los anfibios en la medicina popular española

El artículo presenta una lista de remedios médicos basados en el uso de anfibios.

AIDS Between Science and Politics

Peter Piot, founding executive director of UNAIDS, recounts his experience as a clinician, scientist, and activist fighting the disease from its earliest manifestation to today.

Calls for Papers: Medical Knowledge in a Social World

Abstracts should be submitted by January 20th, 2016.

Launch of Latin America’s first public human genome database

The platform was developed as part of BIPMed, the Brazilian Initiative on Precision Medicine.

Hansen’s disease in the Amazon Region

This article systematized the information on the history of Hansen’s disease, the public institutions and policies that addressed this disease in Amazonas.

Politics, Society and Culture in Post-Conflict Peru

The journal Latin American Perspectives welcomes articles for its special issue about post-conflict Peru.

Influenza digital archive

The website is an open access digital collection of archival material related to the history of the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic in the United States.

On the consolidation of bioethics as a discipline

Gabriela Izarrabal helps us to understand what is bioethics and the main issues in which the concept is usually applied, such as stem cell research, abortion and euthanasia.