Eugenics and education in Brazil

Jerry Dávila, of the University of Illinois, analyzes the influence of eugenics in Brazilian public policies for education.

Call for submission proposals for PCST 2016

If you are active in science communication research, practice, training or education consider submitting proposals for the 14th International PCST.

Diplomats in the laboratory

A project of our editor André Felipe Cândido da Silva investigates scientific exchanges between Brazil and Nazi Germany

Historia de la salud publica en México: siglos XIX y XX

En artículo publicado en HCS-Manguinhos, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez y Martha Eugenia Rodríguez cuentan la historia de México para analizar la evolución de la salud pública en el país.

African Journal of History and Culture

African Journal of History and Culture (AJHC) is a peer reviewed open access journal. The journal is published monthly and covers all areas of the subject.

Call for research projects

The EU-LAC Foundation call for research projects of relevance for the relationship between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean is now open.

Between the examination of children’s bodies and the shaping of racial norms

Heloísa Helena Pimenta Rocha discusses individual examination practices as part of the interventions carried out by the São Paulo State School Medical Inspection Service.

Biblioteca Fundamentos de la Construcción de Chile

Invaluable recopilación para todo investigador interesado en el desarrollo de la ciencia, la política social y la historia en el Cono Sur americano reciente.

Fish oil could help prevent mental health problems in those most at risk

The results of a small study appear to show that a three month course of daily fish oil capsules could reduce the rate of psychotic disorders in young people.

HCSM and JLAS awarded a British Academy Newton Mobility Grant

This joint project of História, Ciências, Saúde– Manguinhos and the Journal of Latin American Studies aims to strengthen collaboration between UK and Brazilian academic communities in the field of Latin American studies.