Procesos socio-ambientales en el Gran Caribe desde 1492

Curso con Reinaldo Funes Monzote de la Universidad de La Habana. El programa incluye temas fundamentales de la historia ambiental del Caribe desde la llegada de los europeos en América.

Childbirth in early republican Peru

Adam Warren discusses the transfer of French knowledge about professional midwifery to Peru with reference to the social, political, and cultural context.

The Medical Officer of Health reports

The complete medical history of London from 1848-1972 is available online in the Wellcome Library’s website.

WHO and UNHCR issue new Guide on mental health in humanitarian emergencies

As Nepal struggles to deal with the physical aftermath of the recent earthquake, the country also has to deal with a rise in mental health disorders triggered by the disaster.

The abolition of the slave trade

With the help of the material gathered on this site, it becomes clear that the eradication of the international slave trade was a long, arduous, and tortuous process that spanned almost nine decades.

La escuela Nacional de Enfermeras de Venezuela, 1936-1950.

El trabajo de Hebe Vessuri revisa el proyecto de la Fundación Rockefeller para el establecimiento de la Escuela Nacional de Enfermeras en Caracas.

Report sees Latin America as offering best potential to expand bioenergy production

Based on the efforts of 137 experts from 24 countries and coordinated by researchers in FAPESP’s programs, the report will be used for public policies in São Paulo State.

Madness and meaning

Sociologist and Historian Andrew writes about painting and madness through history.

La salud pública y la enfermería en la Argentina

El libro de Karina Ramacciotti, Carolina Biernart y Juan Manuel Cerdá reúne los principales debates en la historia social de la salud y la enfermedad en Argentina.

International cooperation for equity in health

This article analyzes the work of international organizations in health and the priorities of developing countries in this field since the 1990s.