On slaves and genes

The anthropologist Elena Calvo-González analyses genetic studies of the Brazilian population.

Documentary examines the making of a 1945 Holocaust film

“Night Will Fall”, directed by André Singer, features newsreel footage of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps in 1944-45.

Las obsesiones antes de Freud

Rafael Huertas analiza el concepto de “obsesión” antes y después de Freud.

Open access maps at New York Public Library

NYPL announces the release of over 20,000 cartographic works as high resolution downloads.

Vol. 21 • n. 4 • Oct.-Dec. 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE · text in English | Portuguese ANALYSIS The discourse of sexual excess as a hallmark of Brazilianness: revisiting Brazilian social thinking in the 1920s and 1930s Oliveira, Cristiane · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in English | Portuguese On slaves and genes: “origins” and “processes” in genetic studies...

A historical perspective on Ebola

Marcos Cuetos discusses three aspects and three dangers of this devastating ebola outbreak.

How do I get read and cited if I do not publish in elite-journals?

 Jan 2016 From Scielo in perspective Recently on the ResearchGate blog, Professor Rolf Henrik Nilsson of the University of Gothenburg proposed the recurrent question that always comes to new researchers (and not so new), namely: How can you increase the visibility of your published articles? Most researchers who are not in the select group of privileged who...

HCSM’s latest issue of 2014 available online

This issue features 25 articles of different topics. See its full content in Scielo.

Campaign aims to help African journalists to fight the spread of Ebola

 Jan 2016 from Indiegogo.com The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) in association with Hirondelle USA and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) created this fundraising campaign to help local radio stations and their staff in Ebola-affected regions. This is the first stage of a soon-to-be-launched international...

International Encyclopedia of the First World War

Managed by the Free University of Berlin, this is an international project involving editors and partners from over fifty countries.