Between sees and continents

Article of Maria Margaret Lopes and Irina Podgorny discusses the scientific trajectory of the zoologist and paleontologist Hermann von Ihering. He was the director of Paulista Museum in São Paulo and formulated a theory on land bridges.

Spanish-American Colonial Manuscripts

The Newberry Library offers an important collection of 400 Spanish-American manuscripts. These show a detailed picture of life in the Spanish colonies of South and Central America. The material is available in the library’s online catalog.

Pictures in the jungle

The first photographic images of the Amazon were taken by the German photographer Albert Frisch in 1867.

Quedan pocos días para enviar resúmenes para el Congresso de la RedPop

Quedan pocos días en la ventana de recepción de ponencias (resúmenes de max. 400 palabras) para el Congresso de la redPOP, la Red de Popularización de la Ciencia y la Tecnología de America Latina y el Caribe (creada por la UNESCO). Los trabajos presentados deben abordar el tema de la popularización de la ciencia y la tecnología desde la perspectiva de la...

Native voices on health and illness

This online exhibition explores the interconnectedness of wellness, illness, and cultural life for Native Americans. Visitors will discover how native concepts of health and illness are closely tied to the concepts of community, spirit, and the land.

Slavery, freedom and the sea

In the book “The Empire of Necessity: Slavery Freedom and Deception in the New World”, historian Greg Grandin tells the story of the slave ship rebellion that inspired “Benito Cereno”, a masterpiece of Herman Melville.

The Kraken myth

Article discusses the myth of the sea monster and researches on the animal that have inspired it.

Oceans and seas: history, science, policy

The HCS – Manguinhos new issue features eleven articles ranging from the trip of the HMS Beagle in Brazil to the Kraken Myth, a monster that haunted sailors in North Europe.

XV Jornada de Historia de la medicina

La Sociedad Chilena de Historia de la Medicina hace público el programa de actividades de la XV Jornada de Historia de la Medicina. En esta ocasión las presentaciones abordarán una variada gama de temas, tales como cólera de 1991 y su impacto internacional, reforma a los manicomios en Chile, la mujer y la tuberculosis en Chile, campañas nutricionales en...

Tetanus among slaves and freeborn in Brazil

In this exclusive interview, Ian Read, from Soka University, talks about tetanus in 19th century Brazil. According to him, the story about health and medicine is needed to understand the transition from empire to the republic.