Vol. 20 • n.4 • Oct.-Dec. 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE · text in English | Portuguese ANALYSIS Anomalies in the early stages of plant transgenesis: interests and interpretations surrounding the first transgenic plants Pellegrini, Pablo A. · abstract in English     · text in English | Spanish Life grammars: the 1907 census and population as a tool of government Banados, Yuri...

Jacques Huber and the history of Amazonian botany

He (1867-1914) was a Swiss Botanist who worked at the Amazon from 1895 to 1914 and authored a major work on taxonomy, phytogeography, plant ecology and agronomy.

Portal dedicado a la historia contemporánea de América Latina

El portal www.fundacionmapfrehistoria.org es un portal bilingüe – español y portugués – dedicado a la historia contemporánea de América Latina del Instituto de Cultura de la FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE de Espana & esta dirigido a impulsar la difusión y el conocimiento de la Colección de libros sobre América Latina en la Historia...

The global constitution of the Brazilian nation

Issues concerning immigration in the 1930s and 40s
Article by Frederik Schulze

History, nation and race in the context of the Centennial Exhibition of 1922

Article by Sven Schuster