La medicina veterinaria en HCSM

Dos artículos publicados en HCSM tratan de la historia de la medicina veterinária en América Latina.

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Psy cultures: psychoanalysis, subjectivity and politics

Mariano Plotkin (Conicet, Universidad Tres de Febrero) and Jane Russo (Instituto de Medicina Social UERJ) are the guest editor`s of the new suplement of HCS-Manguinhos.

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Fellowships for scholars of Brazil, India and South Africa

These fellowships will be for research in history of medicine and in medical humanities using the collections of leading North-American institutions.

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Social medicine in Latin America, 1930–1945

The paper examines the international networks that influenced ideas and policy in social medicine in Latin America, focusing on institutions.

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Chagas disease and tropical medicine in Brazil, 1908-1909

The disease was discovered in 1909 by the Brazilian sanitary physician Carlos Chagas at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute.

La erradicación de la malaria en México, 1956-1971

Marcos Cueto analiza el desarrollo de la campaña de erradicación del paludismo en México en el marco de la Guerra Fría

Psy cultures in Colombia

It argues that Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis occupy today a relatively marginal position in the context of psy knowledge in Colombia.

Freud para todos

La circulación de las ideas psicológicas freudianas en Chile en la cultura de masas.

International expositions: a historiographic approach from Latin America

This article was possible thanks to a grant we received from the Wellcome Trust.

A vast collection on Brazilian health and science

Lee R Hiltzik, Assistant Director at the Rockefeller Archive Center provided details about the collection and explained how it can be useful to Brazilian researchers of the history of medicine and science.