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Lets talk about syphilis

HCSM have already published several articles about this curable and neglected disease. Today, we highlight three of them.

Medical knowledge and moral reflections during the Rosas era, Buenos Aires, 1835 – 1847

In the current issue of HCS-Manguinhos (vol.26 no.3 July/Sept. 2019), Mariano Di Pasquale analyzes how medical discourse incorporated a series of reflections on moral behaviors in Buenos Aires in the early nineteenth century.

Botocudos exposed in Rio and Europe in 1882 and 1883

They were taken from their homeland in Espirito Santo to Rio de Janeiro to be exhibited at the National Museum, and later they were brought to Europe and exhibited in various cities of the United Kingdom

Call for thematic issue

HoST – Journal of History of Science and Technology welcomes proposals for thematic issues.

La historia ambiental latinoamericana

El dossier publicado en la revista Historia Crítica, de la Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), reflexiona sobre el papel de la naturaleza en la historia de América Latina.

Medicine and medical humanities

This Research Portal is maintained by the the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University, Canada. It brings together a worldwide collection of library, archival, museum, digital, and visual collections for the researcher to explore and use in the medical humanities.