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Earthquakes and Disasters in Brazil

Popular belief holds that Brazil is a “blessed country,” where hurricanes, severe earthquakes, volcanoes, and other intense natural disasters do not occur. However, researchers Maria Margaret Lopes (University of Brasilia) and Silvia Fernanda de Mendonça Figueirôa (Unicamp) reveals many examples that contradict these assumptions.

Trayectorias y desafíos en la historiografía de la ciencia y de la medicina en América Latina

El artículo analiza cuatro perspectivas de la historia de la ciencia y de la medicina en América Latina utilizadas por los investigadores desde mediados del siglo XX hasta comienzos del siglo XXI.

Call for Papers – Wittgenstein and the Sciences

Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, of UFMG, welcomes articles that discuss, from a Wittgensteinian point of view, different approaches to the history and philosophy of science as well as science education.

Chronicling America

Free access to millions of historic American newspaper pages. Searches can be done by topic.

The 26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology goes virtual

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the congress that was to be held in Prague on July 25-31, 2021 will be held online.

The race for a vaccine

The disputed race for the vaccine against the new coronavirus is the topic explored by Marcos Cueto, scientific editor of HCS-Manguinhos, in the Editor’s note of its new issue.